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You fill out a simple form in your game center and the process is simple and easy. Fused 2.0 has a function similar to when a casino, gaming club uses the Webmoney electronic payment system. Webmoneer supports both cash and electronic payments. This allows you to use one or two currencies in your gaming establishment, and perhaps even use them together when playing for Webmonyer or RuMoney.
Fuse 2.5 features:
- You can accept payments from other gaming clubs in exchange for the ones they send to you.
- Checking the availability of players and their rates in your casino.
Interaction with Fuse
With your old players, you will enjoy the results that Fuse gives you. This way, you will always get a game with the best reward/risk ratio, without starting capital or economic stress.
Fuse can be used as an email client to exchange data between your gaming establishments and Fuse.
Communication with Fusion
You can use Fuse as your email and phone number for your establishment. You will receive a response to your email confirming that the money has been sent.
A Fuse media file that can be saved on your computer that you can access if you don't need templates to attach the game to your casino. You can also download Fuse and use it as a screensaver in your hub. f02ee7bd2b